NY Bodypainting Day

In 2014, Golub started Bodypainting Day, which in it’s 2nd year featured 70 artists and 100 models painted in the public streets of New York City and had it’s European debut in the city of Amsterdam. Bodypainting Day is a celebration of the human body and the voice of the artist, which is often missing from our world.

Golub also paints in the studio on what he calls “human canvas” paintings, where groups of models lay on the ground a form a human canvas, painted and photographed from above.

Along with painting on people, Golub paints on canvases, murals and almost any object from clothing to furniture to cars. But painting people has a special place in his heart because, as he explains, “people have a soul.” As important to the art itself is the experience that is shared with the model and often the public

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